Phytofarming is empowering the public by cultivating a healthy exchange of information. We aim to inspire people and transform communities by synthesizing scientific discoveries into accessible and beautiful content. We believe that sowing the seeds of science among all audiences will lead to unexpected sprouts and blossoms. 

We have created a new medium to document our scientific reports along with our process as scientists. 

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About Phytofarming

Phytofarming, the organization, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based out of Haines, Alaska.

Phytofarming, the word, is a conjugation of phyto- and -farming.

Phyto means plant. As humans, we are nurtured by plants in the most basic sense. Plants feed, clothe and shelter us. But just as importantly, we admire plants for their beauty. We find inspiration simply being surrounded by, and surrendering to, this primitive necessity.

Phyto is also in reference to phytoplankton. Planktos means wanderer, hence phytoplankton are the microscopic 'wandering plants' spread throughout the oceans and watersheds of Earth. We have much to say about phytoplankton.

Farming is an action. It is a verb meaning to grow or to cultivate. Cultivating itself is many things: seeding and tending, harvesting and storing, planning and sharing, observing and experimenting, learning and teaching.

Farming is a collective activity that signifies a shift in the way humans interact with each other; a transition in lifestyle accompanied by an increase in sociality and solidarity.

Nurture is beautiful. Growth is hope. This is our meaning of Phytofarming.

Plus it's fun to say

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